Responsive HTML Custom Block

Is there any way to configure the custom html dashboard so that the resolution is dynamic, according to the block size?

The Custom Chart block uses:

“width”: {{block.width}},
“height”: {{block.height}},
“autosize”: {“type”: “none”, “contains”: “padding”}

Would it be possible to do something similar in the custom html block?


This is a great question, but there is no easy answer because it depends on the content of your block. The answer is CSS. You’ll need to use CSS to control the layout of your block content.

For simple HTML\CSS, the answer can be as easy as using width: 100%.

For more complex visualizations using a library (like using Chart.js), the library itself will provide responsive instructions. Or, Google may have the answer as people may have run into the same question of “How do I make X responsive”?

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: