Custom Chart Block is not reading all data

I’m trying to make a graph using a data from a data table (custom chart block). However, the graph is only reading 1000 of my 10040 rows. How can I include all data?
Thanks in advance!

My script:

“width”: {{block.width}},
“height”: {{block.height}},

“autosize”: {
“type”: “fit”,
“contains”: “padding”

“config”: {
“axis”: {
“labelColor”: “#888c95”,
“titleColor”: “#888c95”,
“domain”: false
“legend”: {
“labelColor”: “#888c95”,
“titleColor”: “#888c95


“data”: {
“name”: “data-table-0”

“mark”: “line”,

“encoding”: {
“x”: {
“field”: “DATA”,
“type”: “temporal”,
“scale”: {“domain”: [“03/05/2018 00:40”,“03/12/2018 00:40”]}

"y": {
  "field": "Ua",
  "type": "quantitative",
  "scale": {"domain": [150,250]}




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Hi @Luisa_Rodrigues and welcome to the Losant forums!

The Custom Chart dashboard block can only display a maximum of 1000 data table rows. You can provide a custom query to limit the scope of the chart to under 1000 rows.

Let us know if you have any further questions and once again, welcome to the forums!

Hello @Sebastian_Turner , thanks a lot!