Sim808 instead of Gl505 GpS asset tracking system

I trust I am asking and creating this question in the right way.

I read in a tutorial by BAO NGUYEN on Asset tracking using GL505 Gps module to track asset.

When I checked the cost of procuring the module, I realized how expensive that could turn out especially for a large fleet.

I am thinking of replicating same project using sim808 (alot cheaper), hologram sim with the losant platform.

How do I begin is the challenge, is there a starter tutorial or a walk through guide on this path.

Help Is needed…

Hi @Sunday_Ajiroghene,

There is not a walkthrough on this specific module, but all you will need to do is find which protocol is supported by the device, and connect to Losant with that protocol. The specs for your device can be found here. It looks as though the device has multiple protocols, and you can likely find walkthroughs on setting it up around the web. Then you can likely find similar Losant walkthroughs to help you connect to the platform with the selected protocol. If you should find yourself unable to send data to Losant, I would be happy to assist!


Ok Dear,

Many thanks.

I will place order on the module and get my hands dirty on it.

However, it would be nice if while I am busy doing my thing you work on a walk through. Since its cheap and support large community of developer, I think it would plus up.


Which IDE did he develop the project with?