Deeper Dive Webinar Series: Indoor Asset Tracking Application Template

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Indoor asset tracking allows for locating and making decisions on moving and stationary resources in a physical space. This Application Template provides a low barrier for entry to monitoring an indoor environment.

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if you missed the Indoor Asset Tracking Application Deeper Dive Webinar, you can watch the replay here

If you attended, thanks for joining us. You asked a lot of great questions. Here are the answers:

How do you implement a floor plan into Losant? Which file types are supported for this image upload?

Are you able to support multiple floors, multiple buildings and so on by your template?

  • Yes! The IAT template can be scaled to multiple floors and buildings - the IAT template provides the starting architecture and application set up guidance that you can then leverage to expand the use of the template for your needs. By adding new devices, new dashboard layouts with context variables, this application template can support a variety of use cases.

For something like the out-of-bounds, how do you enter all of the boundary coordinates. is it simply a range of values?

  • In order to calculate when a device is “Out of Bounds,” this template will move the simulated devices to an off-campus location. In your use case, however, you may notice that devices outside of the building or space have a lower signal strength, a specific RSSI value, or may disconnect altogether. You can use Losant’s Visual Workflow Engine to build this custom logic.

The devices’ x/y data, is it being requested a set (table/geofenced) or actual GPS data?

  • The template itself uses indoor X,Y coordinate data referenced to the image coordinates of your floor plan, not GPS data.

Is it possible to obtain more information about the hardware (Bluetooth)?

  • Losant is hardware agnostic, so if you are able to get data from your device into the cloud via HTTP, MQTT or Edge Protocols, Losant can use this data to support the IAT template.
  • To find out more about our partners who specialize in BLE hardware, please visit: and be sure to reach out to and we can assist.

What/which positioning engine Losant support now?

  • Losant supports direct integration with Aruba Meridian and is easy to integrate many other via webhooks, etc.

Do you have any examples of using your platform for discrete manufacturing simulation? For example, simulate equipment utilization, indoor supply chains, or diagrams of people moving from machine to machine?