Tracking wearable devices with asset tracking system

I am so much in love with Losant IoT platform and over the time i have signup to it. i could not have something big from the market that i can engage this stack to deliver it. Now i have a security project for secondary schools.
One of the requirement is to provide gps wearable trackers to students and staff and deploy and asset tracking system, with geo-fencing capabilities. I know that Lossant has IoT boards that can be wired with some sensors and much like that but here is something that requires wearable devices like GPS ID Cards,wristband etc.
I have seen a lot of them in the market but it is not just getting anyone like that. I am developing a solution which i need to control it the way i want and so i have to consider the following:

  1. Which of this particular wearable can be managed easily with Lossant Asset Tracking Solution.
  2. Does Loassant have any manufacturer of wearable as a partner?
  3. I will like to simulate that asset tracking to convince my clients on the capability of the system, considering that the goal of this solution is to provide a preventive security to schools against abduction / kidnap crimes.
  4. What hardware are required to set up the asset tracking base on Losant platform

Thank you very much as you create time to provide a solution to my problem.

Hi @Ityav_Luke

A few weeks ago I asked another Losant Developer to specify how he was using losant with BLE for asset tracking. check out his answer here: Introducing Edge Compute - #11 by tom

Also, if you saw the latest platform update, losant added integrated support with Meridian.

Lots of wearables are BLE based, so perhaps this gives you some ideas.