Siemens Mindsphere

I have a request to send some device data to Mindsphere parallel to getting the data in Losant.
Any suggestions on what would be my best path for that?
MQTT Integration ?


Overall, when you’re thinking about how to get data out of Losant into another service you have the following options:

  • MQTT - Connecting as a client, or using the MQTT Integration.
  • HTTP - Using the HTTP Node in a workflow.
  • Integrations

Those three things apply to anything you’d want to send out of Losant to any service.

However, in this case, I did find this example for you:

In terms of “best path” that’s up to your application requirements. However, a useful tip is that MQTT is great if you need bi-directional communication. HTTP is great for one way communication.

But overall, those are your choices of how to send data out of Losant :slight_smile: