Help setting up new hardware device

I am just getting started with Losant and want to try to implement it with a device we are creating. It generates 8 data points, Date, Time, followed by 6 separate numbers. I currently have Matlab speaking to the various components of my device that spits out these values into a txt file. Now I would like to be able to incorporate Losant initially just to be able to read this txt file( that is updated every 5 minutes with a new entry) than plotted on a dashboard. Unfortunately I am unclear how to do this since everything seems to be geared to speaking directly to a known device unlike my prototype. Please advise.

Hi @Andreia_Smith-Moritz,

I have not done this myself with MATLAB, but all you would need is a way to get the txt file to Losant. You would then set up a device in Losant (which does not require it be a physical device) and store those 8 data points as attributes on the device. Getting the data points to Losant would likely be done in MATLAB, or through a third party integration. I did a quick google search and found some resources that may be helpful:

These are just different ways to send data to Losant, more integration types can be found here.


I think I am able to get Matlab to work with mqtt, but when I setup the “integration” part of my device in Losant it says its Disconnected.

I am using mqtt as broker , Port 1833, with no CA. I am not sure if this is because I have a free account?


Could you please provide a screenshot of where you’re inputing the MQTT settings?

Ah I see,

So, the MQTT Integration, is how you would connect Losant to another MQTT broker not necessary how you send data to Losant via MQTT.

If you are trying to report state (send data) to Losant, here are the docs on MQTT:

Let me know if this helps! I’m happy to give more info.