Send Data to Losant from Android App?

We are using Boron devices to send data to the Losant platform which the Boron actually gets from our air quality sensors via Bluetooth. This works fine.
However, it would be nice if we could also use Android smartphones instead of the Boron. I realize that Android phones are not realiable IoT nodes (as the OS is “the boss” so to speak) but still… I already programmed an app that gets the data from the air quality sensor on the Android phone and it feels as if it should be really easy to send this on to the Losant platform just like the Boron is doing - but all I can find in your documentation is either very old or referring to creating webpages.

Is it possible to create an MQTT message for Losant with some java code? If anyone could post an example of say publishing random numbers once per second to Losant in an Android app that would be awesome!

Yes! You can always connect to the broker from any MQTT client that supports our broker:

I did some searching for you. Here is an Android MQTT client. They may have some examples to help you get started:

Thanks for the quick reply - I will try but an example from your side would be greatly appreciated too.

best regards