Connect labview to losant?

hi, could i get some assistance with connecting labview to losant.

I’m using the mqtt vi
and from this
trying to configure the vi to connect and will then will read/write payloads.

has anyone used labview with losant or other iot platform?
or should i be using the rest vi (http) ?

Hi @odzan,

I have not seen anyone connect specifically with LabVIEW, but that should not weigh too heavily as, in most cases, a device can connect to Losant if there is internet. The way you connect to Losant will depend on the requirements of LabVIEW, but it looks as though you are currently attempting to use MQTT. You can send data to Losant in many ways, including MQTT, Webhooks, and other available integrations.

Are you seeing an issue with MQTT?