Satellite map loses image at high zoom


When I zoom past a certain point on maps when in satellite image mode they go black. The roads still show but the satellite imagery is replaced with solid black.

Any ideas how to resolve?


It looks like the satellite map tileset we are currently using (the Mapbox satellite maps) do not have images for those levels of zoom for New Zealand. I’m not sure why it goes black, however - it should just show zoomed in (but fuzzy) images of the best zoom level that is available.

I’ll file a ticket in our system both to see if we can keep it from going black, and to see if there is a better satellite tileset that we can use that has better New Zealand coverage.

We just pushed out a release where we’ve upgraded our map software. Can you let us know if the new tile sets include the level of detail you were looking for in the section of map relevant to your application?

Yes, thanks is good now. The 3D view is cool too!