Satellite zoom very fuzzy


I’m finding the Mapbox renders very poor quality satellite maps, at least in some situations.

Here an example:

And here is the corresponding zoom using Google Maps:

The comparison is pretty stark considering its just outside of Oklahoma City.

Any insights? Is there a way to use Google Maps instead?


Unfortunately there is no way to use other map sources at the moment. Our map tile provider is working on high resolution tiles for the USA, and so we should have increasingly better satellite maps over the next few months (for instance, at the moment, Boston and SF have high resolution comparable to Google Maps).


Is this map tile update still in the works? We normally use the regular map view but have recently noticed the low res satellite map tiles since some of our users have requested a satellite view for their maps.


This update is still in the works, I’ve been told by our map provider that the goal is to have high-res arial tiles for the USA around the end of the year.


Great, thanks for the update Michael


Any update from Mapbox in this? The resolution is really embarrassing to show our customers compared to a google maps.


Any new news on this?


Hi Paul,

No updates have been made by our map provider yet, though it seems it shouldn’t be long before they are rolled out.

I will update you again in the coming weeks if improvements are made, or if we are provided a date on which they will happen.



Hi @paul_wareham,

An update: it looks as though high-resolution arial tiles for the USA have been implemented by our map provider. Any feedback is welcome!




It seems to be much improved although not nearly the caliber of Google Maps on a close zoom.

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