Browser not supporting Mapbox GL?


Tried in Edge and Chrome, today I started getting this error:

any ide why is this happening?

Mapbox GL was updated today as part of our release. We aren’t able to reproduce this issue here. Can you please provide the version of Chrome and Edge you’re using?

Tried 4 browsers, none work for me:

MapboxGL, with its latest upgrade, now requires WebGL2. It is possible that WebGL2 is not supported on your computer at all, which is why it is not working in any of your browsers. If you visit what do you see?

Bad news for me, I guess. I will also check work computer…


You can see more details about exactly what is going on (at least for Chrome) if you go to chrome://gpu/. Its possible that its a graphics card issue, and you may be able to force Chrome to use software rendering instead.

I can confirm the map works on my work computer, so it looks like a limitation of my graphic driver on this computer.