Raspberry pi camera file storage and recall

Hi! I’m having trouble figuring out where to start. The ultimate goal is to have a raspberry pi take pictures based on an event (motion or button or time), have that picture stored somewhere like S3 with relevant data (device serial, timestamp, etc), and then be able to display all of pictures for that device based on a time filter (24 hours, week, month) in a dashboard in Losant.

I’m getting tripped up on assembling the help articles I’ve found about the S3 get/put, the blog I found about sending a picture from a raspberry pi to Losant (the one about the Google image analysis) into a complete walkthrough.

Is that the most appropriate approach? taking a picture with raspberry pi, sending it to Losant, putting it into S3 for storage, then building a dashboard or experience with an S3 get? or can I use the Files section Losant? or can y’all think of a better starting place? mostly looking for guidance and opinions I guess.


No problem, we can help get you started. It seems that you’ve found at least one of the articles but the two that you would need are:

This series of articles don’t store the data within S3. However, they leverage blobs within Losant. Blobs are a store that can be images, CSVs, and binary data, but they can hold data of any type.

For more see the documentation:

Of course, we are here if you have more questions. But, those are the best places I would start.