Automatically store/move a file

If I know the URL of an image (outside of Losant), can I “grab it” and either store in Losant or put it in another storage service in a workflow? Thanks!

We have a feature being released in the next couple days that, given a URL, will allow you to stream the file directly into an S3 bucket using the AWS S3: Put Node. Would that solve your use case?

For streaming a file into Application Files, that’s a little tougher but doable as it requires some work in an environment outside of Losant, even if that environment is a web browser. There’s a library template that demonstrates this; you may be able to import it and alter it for your specific use case.

That said, I have logged a feature request for the ability to support adding a file from a URL in the File: Create Node, and we will let you know if it is selected for development.