How to store a third party librarie

Hello Losant Team!

I was reading the documentation for the function node and I don’t quite understand how to store an external library. For example i want to store this librarie GitHub - googleapis/nodejs-pubsub: Node.js client for Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale, for simple, reliable, real-time stream analytics.. Maybe is something like this:
-Download like a zip, then extract and upload to the section file in losant?
-Finally in a node function I write const pubsub = import(file/pubsub)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Jonathan_Calderon !

We don’t support pulling in third-party libraries in Application Workflows (in the cloud).

However, it can be done with Edge Workflows (on Edge Compute Devices). If this is applicable to your use-case, here’s a template that demonstrates the process.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

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Thanks Sebastian for your answer! :slight_smile: