Open Event Indicator Question

I have an open event indicator on one of my dashboards. When I am viewing it in the Losant workspace, I can click on it and it will take me to the page where I can resolve and acknowledge events. However, when I include that dashboard in an experience, the indicator is no longer clickable to reach the event page. I didn’t see a setting for this in the event settings. Is there something i am missing with this one or is this the way it is meant to operate?

It is currently meant to operate in that way. The main reason being security and authentication. When you embed a dashboard on an experience page, the users viewing that dashboard are either unauthenticated or authenticated as experience users. Editing and resolving events is currently done within the Losant platform itself, and neither of those groups have access to the actual Losant application. Because of this, when viewing a public dashboard or an embedded dashboard, that option is automatically disabled.

We’ve received a few requests to provide the ability to manage events directly within the dashboard block, which is something we will be adding.

Great. Thank you Brandon

Hey Brandon,

I was just following up on this one. Is the ability to manage events from the dashboard still going to be a possibility?

Bump on this issue. It will be useful for experience users to be able to ack and clear their specific events

Hi @Todd_Christensen,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know this was implemented in our recent Platform Update! You can find the blog post about this release here.

Thanks :partying_face: