Experience View Event List Details bug

When viewing the “Event Details” of an event, through an experience page, the URL to the device page for the device associated with the event is relative to the experience page domain, and so doesn’t go anywhere.

I suppose I could create an endpoint that would make this work, but having that sort of long non human readable endpoint is not really fitting with how I think most people would be creating their experiences.

I think removing the hyperlink entirely when viewing from an experience page is probably the simplest option, but if there were some way to custom specify a URL for that, that would be cool too.

I just noticed that when I add a “Device” column to the event list on the dashboard, and view the dashboard as an Experience User, the device hyperlink is removed. The same logic should apply within the event details view.


Thanks for your input! I’m filing this ticket now within our system :slight_smile: