OPC UA Browse using virtual button trigger

I’m attempting to create a workflow to test connectivity with our OPC Ua server. When I try create and run a test workflow, it will not let me select a device in the virtual button node. I’m using this article as a guide (https://www.losant.com/blog/remote-monitoring-and-control-using-opc-ua-with-the-losant-iot-platform).

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Hi @PhillipKB,

To see the devices listed in your Virtual Button, you will need to deploy your workflow and select the version that was just deployed. Then, you can select your device in the Virtual Button.

However, if you deploy, but the request is unsuccessful, then you will be unable to select the device. You can check if you successfully deployed by going to the Edge Compute device page and clicking on “Edge Compute”:



The version was the issue, I was working on the “develop” version. Thanks!