Dynamic virtual device IDs in Workflows

Hi again,

Right now I’m setting up workflows, and I would like to be able to create a derived attribute on a device, i.e. one that the device does not report directly, but that I can compute from what it reports. It looks like I should use a virtual device for attributes that I set in workflows.

Since I have more than one hardware device, I’d like for each of them to have a corresponding virtual device. However, from what I can tell in the workflow editor, the “Virtual Device” node needs a constant device ID known ahead of time. Is there a way I can use the device ID from the workflow trigger to select a virtual device to update? Essentially, I’d like to use a template to find the virtual device corresponding to the real one. I could associate them perhaps by storing the virtual device’s ID as an attribute on the real device.


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Great feature request! We did implement this functionality on the Device Command node and will roll it out as soon as possible to the Virtual Device node as well.

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Our release today does provide support for specifying the virtual device ID from the payload when setting virtual device state. Thanks for being patient!