[Solved] "On Change" Question


When monitoring a specific attribute in a workflow which supports many devices, is there a way to use the On Change Logic while differentiating between devices? Since the attribute is named the same on many devices, I assume the On Change does not use the device ID in tracking the previous value?



I tend to use latch a lot which is like on change, but has thresholds/conditions that must be met before restting however it does allow you to identify latch state on a per device basis. Hence can be used in a workflow that has multiple devices.

It looks like “on change” needs a similiar capability to latch.


Thanks for the request! We were able to implement this for you and it’s currently on our staging environment. We need to test it for a bit before releasing, but it should go out here soon.

The way we implemented it was to accept a template as the identifier. So for your use-case you’d set the identifier to {{ triggerId }} which contains the device ID when using a Device Trigger node.


Very nice! Thanks, we will look forward to using it.


@Bob_Gelety we’ve just released this feature. It’s now available in both the On Change and Throttle nodes. Thanks again for the suggestion.


Thanks Dylan, we are going to put it to the test today!