Is there a Device Change Trigger?

I am hoping I am just missing a feature perhaps.
When devices get changed, specifically their Names/Description or Devce Tags or Attribute Tags (Added/Modified/Removed), is there a way to trigger a workflow based on that happening?


I have a device with deviceID. There is a tag on there for SublocationID = abc123. Someone goes in and changed the SublocationID = 456fgh . I would like to trigger a Workflow based on that happening so that I can process that down to a downstream system.

A lot of my fellow developers look over my shoulder and say ‘ahha, you have Webhooks’, but they dont understand (or at least I am under the impression that) those are just for allowing inputs into Losant workflows.

Is there something I am missing to be able to trigger workflow against device Change?

You’re not missing a feature … We are. :slight_smile:

A “Device: Update Trigger” is something we have been considering for a while now, and it is on our short-term roadmap. It would do basically what you’re asking: fire a workflow whenever a device matching some criteria is created, has its modified configuration, and/or is deleted, similar to our Data Table Trigger or Event Trigger. I will follow up with you once we release this.

In the meantime, if the updates you are concerned about are being kicked off by workflows - including updates made by Experience Users - there are several workarounds I could suggest. But that would not pick up device updates made via Losant’s API or through our web interface.

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Thank you @Dylan_Schuster !