Updating a workflow table after adding a new device

Greetings. I’m wondering if there’s already a discussion on updating a workflow after manually (not via script or experience) adding a new device in Losant, on the same application of course. I would like update an existing application’s data table with a corresponding/matching column of the new device’s specific tag/field. All other data table columns will be filled via experience after that. This would mean automatic addition of the new device on the data table with main specific tag/field column without manual intervention. Let me know if this makes sense, thanks. j

Hello @Jose_Cruz,

This does make sense!

Could you possibly go the reverse way? Where you manually add a row to a Data Table and then using the Data Table Trigger and the Device Create Node create a device when a row is added to that table?

If in the data table, you need to keep a record of the newly created device ID, you can use the Update Row node to update the data table row with the newly created device ID.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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Hmm, never thought about it this way. Our internal strategy always starts with the Device addition, then the table update, but never occurred to me to do it the other way around… Gimme some time/days/weeks to play with this ‘reverse’ mode and I’ll get back to you with nay/yay results. If it works, which I’m sure it will, then I’ll just update our internal strategy with a new, more effective one! As always, thank you @Heath :red_circle:

Can this process create a new device out of a ‘recipe’? Else, I would have to manually create all devices’ attributes and tags whereas now we simply ‘copy/paste’ from an existing one and change only some very specific tags. :red_circle: [UPDATE] I think the answer is yes: image


You’re update is correct. You can create a device via a recipe with the Device Create Node.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Already got it going - your suggestion is many times more efficient, plus it allowed me to automate a lot more than just one column. Many thanks for the :point_right: in the right direction! :red_circle: