Create a new device

Is there an example of an elegant way to create a new device in a workflow when processing a payload and the referenced device doesn’t already exist? The logic is simply:

  • JSON/payload triggers workflow
  • payload contains attribute like “DeviceID”
  • if “DeviceID” does not exist as a Losant device, create it with a pre-defined set of attributes and tags
  • then update appropriate attributes contained in payload

I realize I am being a bit lazy, but I am just hoping someone can quickly point me to something. Thank you.

Hey @David_MacKenzie,

This is actually a very common approach! You can check out our blog post, although it is a bit dated.

In practice, you would use a Device: Get Node to see if the device exists, and if it doesn’t, you would use the Device: Create Node to then create the device, and then subsequently update the state of that device (you will need to put the response of the Device: Create Node on the payload to reference the newly created device’s ID in the State node, though).

Please let me know if this helps.

Thank you,