Multi-tenant deep dive experience download

I hope this is an easy one. I just watched the multi-tenancy deep dive webinar. at the end there was a link to the GitHub for the many to many Kanarra example. most of what I saw in the webinar is exactly what I’m looking for from the user experience perspective–tree list of groups on left, device summaries on the right, with the ability click into a device for the specific device details.

I’ve downloaded the files from GitHub, but I was wondering if there was a quick “how to” for getting the entire application uploaded?

Hey @Tim_Brennan,

Very easy!

You’ll just need to Import the Application .zip file.

Once you download the ZIP file from Github, you’ll go to your Organization overview page, and click Import in the application menu:

Then, the file explorer (or finder) will pop up and you will then select the zip file you downloaded. Once complete, you’re new application will be called “Kanarra Digital.”

Let me know if this helps!

ahh. maybe not an available feature in the sandbox?


You may need to go to your sandbox overview, but it should be an available option. You can go to “My Account” at the bottom left of the page, and then you should be greeted with an interface similar to this:

Where, in the “My Sandbox” page, you can import an application. The application does, though, have limits that are outside of the sandbox’s limitations. For example, there are 33 devices in the application you are attempting to import and the sandbox limitation is 10 devices.

Are the sandbox limitations the issue you are running into?

Heath, as always, you are a rockstar. that’s exactly where it was and I feel dumb for having not found it. I appreciate your help! I haven’t even gotten to the point where I’d come up against sandbox limits, but just knowing it’s an option to try to get it imported is good. thank you!