Collaboration between organizations

I’m working with a company that has set up a sandbox and have deployed a device using particle integration. What is the easies way for them to give me access to their setup?
Just invite me to their sand box?

They did send me an export of the workflow and device, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.


This is the core difference between Organization and Sandboxes. The only way to share work is for them to transfer the resources to an Organization that they are an admin of, and you have access too.

It looks like as long as I’m using the same Particle integration config I can access those devices. Do you know if there is a limit to how many can use the same Particle Access token?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

I don’t see an explicit number limit for Particle access tokens in their documentation. As long as the expiration is set correctly for your use case, you should be able to use the access token.