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I am trying to install a Bootstrap development environment that I can use to integrate with my Experience Workflows. I am trying to upload files and create a directory structure. This is not working as expected. From the documentation

    Each upload can support a maximum of 25 files. To upload more files than that, 
    you will have to break the files up into chunks of 25 or fewer files and do one 
    batch at a time.

I was only able to create 8 directories in the hierarchy and upload 9 files to one of the directories. Every other “Add Files” command fails. Is there something I am missing with regards to the uploading of files? If so, please advise

Hi @Edward_Szajner,

Are you getting an error message? If so, what does it say? Screenshots are most helpful.

Here are a few screen shots to depict that error that I am seeing

Hi @Edward_Szajner,

I believe you are getting this error message as you are working in your sandbox, which has a file limit of 10. If you were to move your application from the sandbox to your organization, your file limit would be significantly higher. You can view your sandbox usage by navigating to https://app.losant.com/sandbox and scrolling to the bottom.

Let me know if I can help further.



That is exactly the issue. I can see that my file limit for my sandbox is at 10 and I have already copied 10 files. This is kind of too bad as I wanted to prototype my Experience View application prior to migrating over to the org. The org does not actually belong to me and there are others developing similar items. I did not want to deal with overwriting code if we choose the same file names. Is there a way to increase the limits on my Sandbox? If not, How does one go about migrating to an Org?


Hi @Edward_Szajner,

We, unfortunately, we do not bump sandbox limits. However, you can easily migrate your application to an organization. In your sandbox Application, there is a tab in the side nav close to the bottom called “Application Info”, and if you click it will navigate you to the setting pages. On the settings page, there is a tab called “Owner”. Here you should be able to select which organization you would like to migrate the current application to.

Hope this helps,


I was able to successfully migrate my existing Application from my private sandbox environment up to my organization. Thanks for the assistance


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