Losant GO - Opportunity calls!


I have configured my phone to use as a device with Losant Go. The ease and simplicity of embedding the phone as a device in a workflow is pretty awesome. I am left wanting more!

The ability to hook into the GPS sensor on the phone caught my interest. All it takes is one additional line in the device attribute settings (Fig. 1).The GPS coordinates magically appear in the device state payload (Fig. 2). Voila!

WHAT IF it was this easy to hook into all the other sensors on a smartphone, including:

  1. Accelerometer
  2. Gyroscope
  3. Ambient Light Sensor
  4. Compass
  5. Proximity Sensor
    And of course, the camera.That would be mind-blowing!

Fig 1.

Fig 2.


Losant Go was a fun experiment, but we are moving away from it in favor of the Kiln functionality. Just like your use-case, we found most people wanted a lot more mobile features, and more importantly, the ability to create a custom mobile app.

Kiln provides full user management and the ability to create custom and fully authenticated API endpoints that your own mobile app can use. Essentially Kiln provides all of the backend and you can then create the mobile experience any way you want.

We have a full walkthrough that shows how Kiln can be used for a hypothetical smart plant with mobile application.


Hello Brandon,

so with Kiln, I can expose REST API end-points that an IoT gateway can POST data to? I look forward to giving that a try soon.



That is correct. You can create an custom API endpoints and POST to them from any device you’d like - include IoT gateways.