Go button ideas


I’m not sure what the roadmap for the “Go” mobile app looks like. It’d definitely be cool to be able to have:

  • different types of widgets: slider, checkbox, etc.
  • data displays
  • multiple widgets at once

Widget ideas from Blynk

I currently have a Blynk app for a WiFi-based meat thermometer–would be ideal to use Losant instead.

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We’ve got a lot planned for the Go app and we’ll be continually iterating on it and adding new features. Some of your ideas are right inline with what we want to build. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Data display as an Android widget is definitely useful! I wanted to see my room temperature with a glance, and not having to open up a webpage.


Any update on planned features and timing for Losant Go? This is really key to my application where I need to be able to control multiple devices from one app. Some devices will use push button triggers, others require sliders.


We’ve moved away from Losant Go as a recommended approach for mobile access to your devices. For custom experiences, mobile or otherwise, we now recommended Kiln.

Kiln provides user authentication and custom API endpoints specific to whatever it is that you may be building. You would then us something like React Native, or a native iOS or Android app, to build a custom mobile user interface that communicates with your Kiln API endpoints. We have a detailed walkthrough available that demonstrates most of this functionality.

This allows you to build the exact mobile experience you require with Losant handling all API and user authentication that powers it.


Another option is to use the Input Controls dashboard block, which does allow you to add buttons, sliders, toggles and other controls to your dashboard. Our dashboards are mobile friendly, so you could easily access them on mobile devices.


Thanks Brandon. I’ll check these out.


On the Dashboard Input Control block, is it possible to set the Label for a control to a device attribute value.


That’s not currently possible, but the data is technically available when using a dynamic control. It’s an interesting idea. I’ll submit it as a feature request to the team.