Links in the title of an Indicator block are not clickable


You can place links (URL) in the title of an Indicator block with handlebars syntax.
They render fine, and right click -> open in new window works fine.
However you can’t click on the link and have it followed.

Am trying to work around not being able to chnage color of a link in Indicator, as Blue text on and reddish colour, or Green for that matter his harsh :wink:

This behaviour is the same for Chrome Linux, and Chrome Win 10, and Firefox Win 10



I see what you mean. Since that title bar is serving as a grabber for rearranging blocks that click event on the link is getting overridden. (Side note: on public dashboards this isn’t a problem because public users can’t rearrange blocks.)

I’ll investigate and see if there’s something we can do about that. Thanks for the report.