How to unimport a template library imported from Losant

Hi there
I imported the template library to my application.
For now, I would like to cancel it as there are lots of files in my experience.

But, I can not find how to un-import the template library, there is only re-import button on it.
So, how can I achieve this goal? Please let me know.


Unfortunately there is not a way to un-import a template other than deleting all of the resources that were created by that template.

I like the idea of easily removing all the resources that were added to an application by a template, but it is difficult to implement because imported templates resources are individual copies of the resource, and users can modify them, rename them, etc. - and at that point we lose track of what is a template resource and what should be deleted.

Thank you for your update.

Then I will remove the imported resources one by one.