Google Pub Sub output result path query

I have the result path for the GCP PUB/SUB output reporting on the payload in my workflow. I seem to only ever get back message id : 2. In the gcloud sdk the message id seems to be a lot larger per pictures attached. Should i be getting the whole message id on the result path in the workflow payload?38%20PM 08%20PM

I’ve been able to reproduce your issue - you are absolutely right that should be the full message ID. We will get a fix out for this issue soon.

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Thanks Michael, could you also detail the best method for publishing to a google PUB/SUB topic whereby only publisher level access has been granted on the service key. ( I note the integration requires editor level access.)

We have fixed the issue with the message ID returned by the publish node - it is now the full message ID.

The integration requires editor access because it potentially needs to create subscriptions against topics. If you don’t plan on actually subscribing to anything through the integration, only publishing, I believe you can use a service key with the permission to list/read topics and the permission to publish.

Have tried the pubsub integration with a service key that is limited to publishing only. The integation will not connect as access is restricted. Just after a recommendation on how to publish to a pub sub topic from losant with restricted service keys?42%20PM