Workflok Error returns ReplyId


In the experience workflows I had made the following implementation, as in image, to answer the request in case of an unexpected error in the workflow. Most errors return a data.erroredPayload object which has the replyId information in data.replyId, so I can answer the request without having to wait for timeout in the workflow. There would be some other way to obtain the replyId of a request, in the workflow error node, when it returns a string in the data.erroredPayload property instead of an object? This occurs in some cases, such as when the payload is omitted and the data.erroredPayload property returns “Payload data omitted due to size”.

Hey @Vander_Maziero,

Thanks for pointing this out! You are correct, the original reply ID is lost if the error payload is too large (>256KB). Your use case is definitely one of the reasons we created the Workflow Error Trigger, so losing the reply ID is something we need to address.

I don’t have a workaround for you other than, if possible, ensure your payload is as small as possible. For example, if certain fields on the payload are no longer needed, they can be removed using a Mutate Node.

I’ve created a ticket in our system to design a way to keep the reply ID even if the payload is omitted. Thanks again!

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We just released a fix for this in our last Platform Update!

Let us know if you run into any other issues.

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