Force System Aggregation Update


Not sure if I’m missing something, otherwise this is a feature request.

I am using Systems with an attribute which aggregates a count of child devices where a attribute is true.

Is there a node/method to force the update of a System via workflow?

Use case is that the dashboard for the System needs to reflect this count immediately. Rather than set a frequent reporting schedule, I would prefer the System to update that count by a workflow telling it to.


Hi @Patrick, welcome to the Losant forums.

We do not expose a method to manually run a system attribute update. This is by design and I do not see us adding this functionality in the near future; depending on how your system attributes are set up (how many devices, which attributes, aggregation method, etc.) this can be an extremely expensive calculation on the cloud platform side.

For that reason, we set the maximum frequency of system reporting interval to once every 30 seconds for sandbox-owned applications, and once every 5 seconds for organization-owned applications.

Dashboards can also update as frequently as every five seconds. So, while you can’t have a system and a dashboard that will update in real time every time one of the system’s child devices reports state, you can get (for practical purposes) awfully close by changing those two settings.

Let me know if you have any other questions.