Enable Device System attributes calculated via workflow

Device systems are an awesome way of aggregating different sets of devices - however, the attributes on the device systems should be able to be set not only as aggregates of the children device data, but also by workflows / custom calculations - there’s a lot of cases where we would benefit greatly by having the ability to update our parent device system state through workflows which calculate correlated values based on the children devices.

A workaround we are currently implementing is an extra device which holds all the calculated values in its state - the device system then aggregates data from this device, but it doesn’t feel like the most optimal solution.

Hi @Logan_Parker, and welcome to the Losant Forums!

Thanks for the feedback on system attributes. I’m unsure of how big a change to that architecture your request would be but I will forward this on to the engineering team for evaluation. I will follow up if it is a feature we decide to tackle.

Please keep the suggestions and questions coming!

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