Bulk attribute changes


I have a series of devices that have the same attributes. There are several dozen attributes for each device. I would like to add a number of attributes to all the devices; the additions are all the same. My options seem to be:

  1. Manually add the attributes to each existing device one by one
  2. Delete the existing devices. Manually add the attributes to one existing device, and then clone it many times to replace the deleted devices.
  3. Use a workflow to automate the above.

Are there other ways to bulk update device attributes?




Bulk updates are a high priority task for us to implement. At the moment, I would recommend using a workflow or directly using the Losant API to perform the task. Let me know if you’d like to see an example of a workflow that does this. We can create one pretty quick that you can import and modify.


hi @Brandon_Cannaday, an example workflow on this would be great.


Friendly reminder :slight_smile:


Bulk update workflow is attached. You will need to …

  1. Import the workflow into your list of application workflows.
  2. Enable the workflow under the “Properties” tab.
  3. Either …
    a. Update the tag query in the Device: Get node to match the query for the devices you want to modify, OR
    b. If you want to apply this change to all the devices in your application (max. 1000), remove the connectors between the Virtual Buttons and the Device: Get node and instead hook the buttons up to the Losant API node alongside it.
  4. Enter the contents of the Loop node and find the Device: Update node.
  5. In the Device: Update node’s config, add the attribute(s) and data type(s) you want to add to all your devices.
  6. Save and Deploy the workflow.
  7. Click the “Test Query” Virtual Button and view the devices property in the Debug Log, and ensure that your query returned the devices you intended.
  8. When satisfied you’ve built your query correctly, click the “Bulk Update!” virtual button.

bulk-update-workflow-develop.flow (6.9 KB)