Cloning of device attribute to another (one, many, but not ALL as in device recipe)

Greetings. If not already, it would be a good suggestion to be able to Clone a single device’s attribute(s) individually (not as a whole ‘recipe’) to other device(s). There are many attributes, during development, that one find needing in another at a later time and, depending on development case, have to ‘duplicate’ manually from device to device during said development. Just a :thought_balloon: . :red_circle:

Is your use case something you could accomplish with our Bulk Device Update feature?

@Dylan_Schuster , thanks for the reply - if I’m not mistaken, the Bulk Device Update feature is very close; it will let you add/remove/etc attributes to more than one device ‘from scratch’. But can I simply ‘clone’ an existing attribute of a device to another, for example (:warning: illustration purpose only, not found on Losant…yet :smiley: …):
Maybe an ‘addition’ to the Bulk feature… :red_circle:

I see what you mean. You are right, that is not directly supported by the bulk device update feature.

While you could put the steps into a workflow to, say, get the attribute object out of the source device and then add it to another device, I think it would be a better use of your time to just manually do the cloning in this case. But I’ll make a request for a feature that would get you what you’re after - whether it’s cloning an attribute from one device to another or some other sort of “attribute template” feature. Thanks for the input.

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Awesome, thanks :+1: :red_circle: