Device Template inheritance

It would be very useful to allow inheritance of Device Templates (ideally multiple parents, but at least one). This would make it much easier to create basic devices with a base/common attribute set if it changes have it flow automatically to children.

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This is a great idea, but to make sure I understand what you mean (and please correct me if I am wrong), you’re looking for children devices to inherit attributes from their parent devices?

In Device Recipes you can assign a Parent device in that recipe so that when you create a device from that recipe, that device will automatically be a child of that parent.

Please let me know if I understand your request correctly.

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What I’m talking about is purely related to device recipes. I’ve used the the device parent/child relationship (and it’s obviously important that the parent and child have some overlapping set of attributes). But I always create new devices from recipes, so I would like a “parent” recipe that includes all the common attributes and the “child” recipe would only contain attributes not present in the parent.

As I said, in a perfect world the child could have >1 parent.

My use case would be something like this:
I have a generic “environmental” sensor which always has Temperature and Humidity - so I want a recipe for that. But i have 2 enhanced sensor types, which have those attributes, but one adds pressure and the other light detection. So I want recipes for those that share the base T & H. When I create them by hand, its prone to spelling mistakes, etc for the attributes (obviously this is a simple version, but there are complex use cases). This is really helpful with system devices as well, which aggregate multiple sensor types together (i.e. the system is a room, with different kinds of sensors), inheriting the attributes in the templates of the possible sensor recipes is what would make it much easier.

In combination with Request: synchronize devices with recipe this would be an extremely useful capability.

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