Additional Comment Field for Each Data Attribute + More Compact Data Attribute Form

Hi Losant Team,

Just two thoughts on Device/Recipe form functionality and design:

  1. As per my experience, the Device/Recipe attribute name usually looks as something like “Device_1_Parameter13_Instant_Flow”. While it is still possible to use the name with some meaning, it is always nice to list more detailed explanation on where the point is coming from, how it is measured, what “+”, “-” values tell about the process. It is especially useful, when you come back to the device/recipe a few months/years after it was created.

  2. While I really enjoy convenient Losant UI, I noticed that vertical and horizontal space in Device/Recipe Attribute form is not used efficiently. It is still fine to enter 5-10 and may be 30 attributes, but last week I created a device with 120 attributes and it’s where I would prefer functionality, but not beauty. Data Type and Name Captions are also repeated for each attribute that does not seem to be necessary. Have you ever thought about implementing an optional compact view mode similar to data tag table in PLC logic? I also do usually see engineers exchanging a list of tags for integration in *.xls spreadsheets. May be something like Google Sheets UI with its partial functionality can be considered in the future for attribute entry. My drawing for a reference:

Thank you

Hi @Alexander_Kondrov,

Thanks so much for your suggestions, we really do love feedback and functionality requests from our developers! I will create a feature request with our engineers for comment fields attached to attributes. I will also pass along and discuss with our engineering team the Device Attribute form, and a possible way to make it easier to use when working with large amounts of attributes.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts on how to make Losant the best we can be :partying_face:


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