Request: synchronize devices with recipe

When I update the fields in my recipe (or in a single device), I often wonder whether I’ve correctly propagated the changes to all devices in our application, or if I’ve left things in an inconsistent state.

It would be very helpful to have mechanisms for tying devices to their device-recipes/verifying consistency/preventing inconsistency.

I understand this might be uncomfortable to enforce across-the-board (sometimes it’s nice to have one black-sheep device with a special field or whatever). Maybe it would be possible to selectively enforce this mechanism by declaring certain devices to be ‘identical with’ the recipe, vs. ‘derived from’ the recipe.

Hi @Alexander_Farley,

I can definitely see a use case for this. I will make a feature request and let you know if it is implemented!

Have a great day,

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I agree. From another post it was pointed out that that bulk device update was high on the roadmap already.

I was just typing up a request for this. +1

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