Bulk set attribute value?

Hello! I wanna know if exist a way to do a bulk with an option like “Set values attributes”. I was reading the documentation https://docs.losant.com/devices/bulk-actions/ but i don’t find a answer to my problem. I have 500 devices aprox and i need set a initial value.
Thanks :slight_smile:

We don’t have a first-class method for setting a ‘default’ value on a device attribute. You could, however, write a simple workflow to get that value in there …

  1. Virtual Button Trigger.
  2. Device: Get Node that fetches the devices you want to set the value for.
  3. Loop Node, running in parallel mode, iterating over the devices returned by the Device: Get Node.
  4. (In the loop) Device: State Node reporting the value for the attribute in question, for the current iteration’s device.
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Thanks Dylan, i will do a workflow to solve it :slight_smile: