Get attribute data for a large group of devices

we need to be able to grab the most recent values of a 3 attributes for all devices within a group. There are about 400 devices in this group and I anticipate there will be around a 1000 by the end of this year. We need the data in structured JSON with each device and the associated attributes and time stamps.

The data will then be uploaded to a separate server for the purpose of integration with third party software.

What is the easiest way to accomplish this in a workflow?

Hi @paul_wareham,

I am working on an example for this, I will post a walkthrough shortly!


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Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for your patience! For your use case I would recommend using the Device: Get Node as it’s configuration matches your requirements (returning devices in a group with their attribute state data). I set one up myself just to tinker with it:

I have devices with tags that match group=gold and I configure the node to look for this key and value.

I check the Return multiple devices box so that all of the devices with the group=gold tag will be returned. Then in the Result configuration, I select the attributes for which I would like the composite state so I can also get the last reported values. I put my devices at working and get a lovely JSON object on the payload with all of my devices and their last reported state:

I tested with an equal number of bytes on the payload for your number of devices, and it seems to work just fine! I don’t think you will run into a problem with 1000 devices.