Losant API node

I have used the Device:Get State node, but I don’t see Get state Node for Devices.
Can I not get the last known state for multiple devices at the same call?

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

The Device: Get State node that you said you have used I don’t think we have. Could you have meant the Device: Get Node with composite state?

With the Device: Get node, you are able to return multiple devices if you have the “Return Multiple Devices” checkbox checked. You will also need to include which (or all) attributes for those devices you would like to see.

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Sorry I meant the “Device: Get State” action within the Losant API node.


The Device: Get State action in the API node makes a request against the Device resource, so you are only able to query a single device.

Using the Device: Get node, though, will allow you to get multiple devices (using a tag or advanced query), and then request the composite state of those devices (composite state being the last known state of each attribute of the device).

Could you give me more information about your use case? Are you tied to using the API Node? Is there something that the Device: Get Node doesn’t have that you’d like to see?

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OK, I’ll try that.
In this case I’m tied to it because I’m pulling device attribute data from another Losant application