[Solved] Losant API node - trouble getting state



I am trying to use the Losant API node to get a devices current state.

For testing purposes I am setting the device ID in the virtual buttons payload and am able to successfully retrieve the devices details with a Device Get operation.

However when trying to get Device State the call is successful, however the payload path for the response is alway empty.
e.g result should be in xyz below.

Full payload:
  "time": "2016-10-28T02:22:22.396Z",
  "data": {
    "deviceId": "581XXXXX7ba64"
  "applicationId": "5812XXXXX8f067f",
  "triggerId": "5812b134bce177010057ba63-rkXSXVell",
  "triggerType": "virtualButton",
  "relayId": "57749260cabe830100a24bb6",
  "relayType": "user",
  "flowId": "5812XXXXXXXX57ba63",
  "flowName": "Test1",
  "applicationName": "Test",
  "globals": {},
  "xyz": {
    "result": []

I’m seeing the issue as well. We should have it resolved shortly, but as a workaround for now, you can set the “Since” input to “1”, as in 1 millisecond after the Epoch. That seems to resolve the issue.