API Node: devices get return tags and attributes as objects and composite state

Would be nice if in API Node: Devices get there was an option to return tags/attributes as objects map and composite state values.

I have a workflow that I need to access every device composite state, to do that I use the node to return all devices and then, in the loop, I use device: get to get the composite state that I need, but the fact of using device: get to each device turns the code a bit slower.

The Device: Get Node can query multiple devices at once. It has all the same capability that the API does when querying devices. There is no need to query devices first, then loop over each to get the tags, attributes, and composite state. You should be able to do all of it with one execution of the Device: Get Node.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding the use case.

Oooh, I really didn’t realize that Device: get can return more than one device and I always ended up iterating through to get the compositeState data from a device. I’ll improve my code right now.

Thank you very much Brandon!