Filtering Difference Between Device List Block and Location Block

Logged in user gets the correct machines listed in the Device List Block which can be seen below:

Settings for Device List Block:

Logged in user sees devices that don’t belong to him listed on the Location Block.

Settings for Location Block:

*** Note the logged in user pictured above is of the experience group “machinesaver”

Machine_A Settings:

Machine_B Settings:

Machine_C Settings:

I’m wondering, does the Location Block filters the same way that the Device List Block does?

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Hi Leo,

The GPS Location block is built with an “or” operator for Device IDs/Tags, so with this statement below you will be getting back locations that match either of the tags.

I’m going to look around and see if I can find a way around this somehow, but I am not sure how likely that is. However, if you were to only filter by {{}} or device=machine, you would see some filtering occur.


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