List devices at same location on GPS Map


We have several instances where 2 to 4 devices have the exact same GPS location. I like how the GPS map can group them as show in exhibit A, but the problem lies when I click this and it brings me in close and then I only have access to one device; as in exhibit B.

This point should display ALL devices at the set location, not just one.ExhibitA ExhibitB


This is super reasonable. I’m making a ticket for it now.

Just so I can add some extra guidance in the ticket, any ideas on what you’d expect to see?


Perhaps when clicking the numbered locator as in the first exhibit pictured above, a subset of devices at this location appears in a bubble. Then selecting a device from that list would provide the information for that device, along with a back arrow to bring you back to the subset list of devices.


It might also be nice if that subset list could have some degree of customization. For instance, if I have 4 devices, and one has an open event, that one device would show in Red to indicate an issue.