Composite map data source for GPS maps

Is it possible to get a composite attribute data point for each point on a GPS map?
I am using a map with device tag as a the location - so there is only a single point on the map per device.

My issue is that only attributes set in the most recent update are accessible in the popup window.
I could resolve this by resetting all attributes when I have to edit some, but this sounds unnecessary and fragile.

Is this a feature request that could be supported with a checkbox in the map configuration?


Good morning! Thanks for letting us know. It seems that the desired behavior is what you describe. However, we were able to reproduce. We are looking into this now, and I will follow up with more details soon.

Great. Glad to hear it. I look forwards to the fix.

Hi @anaptfox.
When is this fix likely to happen?

Hi @Tim_lamborn,

This feature will be rolling into the next release. I will update this thread when it’s launched.

Thank you!

Hello @Tim_lamborn,

I wanted to let you know that Device Bulk Actions are here now! You can read the Platform Update here. You can see the Losant Documentation on Bulk Device Actions here.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,