Failed to load recent states and failed to load connection logs


I am working through a cartridge authentication on a device at one of our customers locations. I when to look for the device state log and ran into this

and this

wondering of someone can help me understand is this a Losant down problem or is this some other problem I am having with my device and if this is the case what should I look for?

Is this happening consistently - as in, the same error if you reload the browser - or was this a one-time thing?

The messages indicate a network issue that resulted in a failed request; are you able to open your browser’s “Network” tab and see if any of the requests come back with an error?

Hi Dylan,

looks like it is responded now. thank you.

this is the first time I had seen this so I wasn’t sure what to do but it is back now.



just in case you want to look deeper it was for my device #63584c1363943241d37703e7