Connection Error with Losant Cloud Walkthrough


I tried to built the weather app as shown in the tutorial but facing issue while connecting to Losant.
My Application Id-5abb258794e6d200060d604d and Device Id-5abb264f705b110007ce4026.

The URL provided for is working fine, but the debug panel present at bottom of the properties panel (to see the output) is showing connection error.

Kindly look into the issue for establishing the connection!

Ashish Subudhi


Hi, it looks like your workflow did indeed write the weather data to your device state despite the issues you’re having with the debug log. You can confirm for yourself by visiting the device’s detail page and clicking the “Debug” tab; on that page you will see a list of recent state reports.

As for the debug stream issue, can you provide a little more information so we can look into the issue? Is it recurring or was this a one-time problem? What web browser and operating system are you on? Did you lose internet connection during your session to cause the initial failure?



As you said, workflow did indeed write the weather data to my device state despite the issues I am having with the debug log.

But as for the debug stream issue, this is a recurring problem, and haven’t started even once.
The internet connection was proper .
I am using Chrome web browser and working on Windows 7 OS.



Thanks for the info, Ashish. So far I cannot recreate your issue in Chrome on Windows 7. Two more pieces of information would be helpful.

  1. What version of Chrome are you running? You can get this by typing chrome://version/ in your browers’ address bar.
  2. In the Chrome DevTools Network tab, can you select the debug stream request (if it fails it should be red), select the “Response” tab and see if there are any errors?

Here is an example of a Network tab screenshot with a failed debug stream connection.



Hi Dylan, this is my chrome version: -
65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

As you said, after selecting the debug stream request, it shows ‘fail’(red colour).
And there is nothing present in the Response tab.




There are a couple other spots in the platform where we use a similar event stream; can you please visit your application overview page and see if the debug panel in the right column successfully establishes a connection? Screenshot of a successful stream attached.


I visited the application overview page, and here is the result (Attachment)


So it looks like your browser isn’t establishing that stream either.

Just to make sure it’s not your computer, network, or perhaps some anti-virus software you have installed, can you please visit and let me know if you are able to enter a message in the text box, and if the message appears in the window above it immediately after opening?

If you have to refresh your page to see the message, then server-sent events are not working in your browser, which is what we use for the streams in our app.