Connection error in workflow debug node

I’m building an application workflow and have added a debug node.

The workflow is working as expected, but the debug view on the right handside pannel shows “DEBUG (CONNECTION ERROR)” and does not display any data.

I have this issue with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (32-bit) or Internet Explorer 11 (11.615.17763.0).

In Chrome, from the developper tools>Network I can see the debug query in the logs. Response states “failed to load response data.”

I’m using a machine managed by my IT department on a corporate internet connection. I have not tried on a non-managed system yet.

Hi @jbwaihe,

Sorry you’re having issues with this! I took a look at your workflow and it looks like you have a Device: State Node that reports device state. Usually, the error you are seeing will arise when the connection to Losant is lost (sometimes from no internet connection). You said the workflow is functioning as expected, is your device state successfully being reported?


Hi Julia,
Thank you for the quick response. Yes the device state is successfully being reported into the device.